A Player Was Unlucky To Be Robbed After Winning Two Slot Machine Jackpots

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At the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee, a customer had the chance to walk away with two jackpots while playing the slots. The first fell on June 3 with an amount of $ 12,000 in pocket and the second prize amounted to $ 13,000 cashed on June 5. Twist of fate, he had the entire sum stolen.

$ 25,000 in stolen winnings

Roulette, Casino, Play, Game BankA certain Christopher Czarnecki won a hell of a lot of money at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee. The latter manages to accumulate two consecutive jackpots with a total of 25,000 dollars in winnings. Our player therefore climbs in the ranking of the lucky winners who pocketed the jackpot within the establishment. Unfortunately, the man was visited by burglars a few days later forcing him to give them the money. Following his two lucky days, our player chooses discretion and only talks about it to a few people around him. He doesn’t spend the money right away, but invests in a safe and a used car anyway. As a result, he kept the rest safe to prevent bad days. But no luck, hooded thieves armed with pistols broke into his home when he was quietly watching television with his friends. The burglars molested and tied them up before forcing Christopher to open the safe. In the end, they left with the full amount. It goes without saying that these men got wind of these two jackpots. It was impossible for him to prepare for such a robbery without having all the necessary information.

Sad news for this player who would have liked to invest his reward in sustainable projects. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened since many casino players have already been victims of theft. For example, the mishap of a client of the Enghien-les-Bains casino who was stripped of his pot on returning home. The player fell into an ambush in order to have his 30,000 euros in earnings stolen, according to police sources. These news shows that no one is safe from such acts, hence great vigilance and a little more security around gambling houses.

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